Cookbook Café (Version 2.0)

Synopsis of the App
The Cookbook Café app provides a way to self-publish, sell and shop for digital cookbooks.

RDN Score
4 out of 5

Platform and Price
Free: Apple


  • Cookbooks can be made into an iPad app or a web-based interactive eBook.
  • No cost to build your cookbook.
  • Option to provide your cookbook at no cost, sell it for a profit or use it as a fundraiser.
  • Global search function allows you to find cookbooks using keywords like savory or nutty in addition to the standard categories like course or occasion.
  • Pull in recipe content from family, friends and colleagues.
  • User-friendly cookbook design and layout complete with photos and the option to rate and review recipes.
  • Switch to "cook mode" for step-by-step instructions without distractions. 
  • Provides kitchen essentials including a substitutions tool, multiple timers and an interactive conversion tool for wet and dry ingredients that includes metric and customary measures.
  • Access many features from the home screen without logging in.
  • Quickly view the latest, featured and non-profit books under "what's new."
  • Connect with cookbook authors via their website or social media from within the app.
  • Cookbooks range from free to $9.99.


  • Design could be more polished.
  • Cookbook builder is only available on the iPad.

Bottom Line
Perfect for the first-time cookbook creator, Cookbook Café eliminates the barriers and provides an accessible platform to produce your cookbook e-book. This DIY platform can be used for exposure, fundraising or to simply share your recipes.

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Marisa Moore
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