Crop on the Fly (Version 0.570)

Platform and Price
Free: Apple

RDN Score
5 out of 5

Synopsis of the App
Crop on the Fly enables you to turn vertical videos (the ones with the black lines on the sides) into horizontal ones in about the time it took you film the original footage.


  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Edit your vertical videos to look as if they were originally shot horizontally. You can remove the borders and never look back. 
  • App automatically scans your camera roll for vertical videos to fix.
  • Share different angles from the original video.
  • Simple slider controls let you capture clips from the existing footage – allowing you to add the desired frames to the new video.
  • Install the Crop extension to use the app directly from your camera roll. 


  • Only available on the Apple platform.
  • Lacks extensive editing features.

Bottom Line
Crop is the cure for Vertical Video Syndrome, or VVS. (Yes, that's a thing.) This app saves you from tossing your favorite video footage just because you held the phone the wrong way. If you've ever accidentally taped a video on your phone vertically, Crop on the Fly can make that problem go away.

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Marisa Moore
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