DIY Kitchen: Sausage Step-by-Step

Step 1

Before you begin (try this recipe for Fresh Chicken and Apple Sausage), rinse the inside and outside of the casings with cold tap water then place in a bowl filled with cold water. Cover and soak overnight.

When ready to use, remove casings from the soaking water and rinse the inside and outside again with cold tap water. Use immediately or place in a bowl filled with room temperature water.

Alternatively, follow package directions to prepare casings.

Step 2

DIY Kitchen: Sausage Step-by-Step

Season meat and freeze for 1 hour.

Step 3

DIY Kitchen: Sausage Step-by-Step

Remove from freezer and push mixture through the large die of a meat grinder, collecting it in a bowl set over ice. Sauté a small amount of the farce in a pan, tasting and adjusting the seasoning as necessary. Cover and refrigerate the farce.

Step 4

DIY Kitchen: Sausage Step-by-Step

Remove casing from the bowl of soaking water and slip it over the stuffer. Leave about 3-4 inches at the end and tie in a knot.

Step 5

DIY Kitchen: Sausage Step-by-Step

Gently push meat farce into the casing. Fill it completely, but not too tightly, so that there is room to twist off into sausages once completed. Once all of the farce has been pushed into the casing, remove it from the stuffer, leaving about 4 inches of unstuffed casing.

Step 6

DIY Kitchen: Sausage Step-by-Step

Starting from the original knot, begin twisting into sausages. Measure 4-5 inches from the knot, then twist clockwise 5 times. Continue another 4-5 inches down and twist again, this time counter-clockwise 5 times. Repeat the process down the length of the casing, tying into a knot at the other end once twisting is completed.

Step 7

DIY Kitchen: Sausage Step-by-Step

Cook links immediately or place on a parchment-lined sheet pan, cover and refrigerate. Refrigerate for up to 2 days or freeze for up to 2 months.

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