Inbox (Version 1.02)

Platform and Price
Free: Apple, Android and Web

RDN Score
4 out of 5

Synopsis of the App
An advanced form of Gmail, the Inbox app from Google helps you clear the clutter and deal with email messages when the time is right.


  • Flat graphics and a primary color palate deliver a clean, cheerful design.
  • Snooze messages and reminders to reappear in your mailbox at a future time or place.
  • Snoozing messages in the Inbox app also snoozes it on other devices where you view email messages.
  • Pin messages to keep them in view and top of mind.
  • Easily compose messages and connect with your most emailed contacts in just one click.
  • Swipe left to mark messages as done (or archived).
  • Easily and quickly create reminders within the app.
  • Bundle emails into categories like "promos," "finance," "social," "purchases," "forums" or "travel" to (for example) see all car reservations, flight information and upcoming trip details in one place.
  • Create custom bundles for event planning, work groups or anything else.
  • View message counts for email categories at a glance.
  • Preview messages from the main screen – no need to open them.
  • Enable location services to allow Inbox to remind you to do tasks and respond to emails at specific locations like the grocery store or work.
  • Feels a little like you have less control over your inbox at first – but bundles, snoozing and other features can all be customized.


  • At the time of this review, Inbox was available by invitation only.
  • Only works with Gmail for now.
  • Takes a few extra steps to trash a message versus doing so in the standard Gmail inbox or Outlook handler.
  • Snoozed messages are not updated with subsequent messages.

Bottom Line
Inbox is ideal for those who get scads of email. It's like having an assistant prioritize the messages and tasks you need to see when you need to see them. If your email inbox is also a to-do list, this app will keep you organized – showing the most important tasks as you need them. 

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