Roast a Chicken in 3 Easy Steps

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Sur La Table Dual Sensing Probe Thermometer

Like most registered dietitians, I’m a stickler for food safety.  No risk of food borne-illness in this house!  Not only do I like my meat safely cooked, I also like it to taste perfect…which is concerning, since I just moved into a new house with an oven I’m not familiar with yet.  Luckily, the Sur La Table Dual Sensing Probe Thermometer/Timer takes the worry and guesswork out of food safety.  The “dual-sensing” feature refers to the ability to measure both the temperature of the food being cooked and the temperature of your oven at the same time.  I’m happy to report my new oven is fairly accurate, and my meat, from here on out, will be perfectly cooked.

I really appreciated several features on this thermometer:  First, it’s very easy to use, especially if you just want to take the temperature and use it as a timer. It has a huge temperature range of 32 to 572 degrees. And the timer will count down 10 hours — just right for the world’s biggest turkey.

For your more average roasting projects, though, it’s easy to set a finish temperature for the type of meat you’re cooking to eliminate poking around and guesswork.  I really appreciated the handy USDA Safe Food Temperature guide on the back – no more running to the cookbook to find the safe temperature for each cut of meat.  Another feature that I didn’t appreciate until I actually used it, was the magnetic strips on the back.  It attaches easily to the outside your oven while the probe measures the temperature of whatever you’re cooking. This eliminates the problem of the thermometer falling off the counter when you open the oven. This is a problem I know all too well.

When I used the Dual-Sensing Probe Thermometer/Timer to roast a chicken, the process was almost foolproof. I inserted the probe, set the finish temperature for poultry (165 degrees) and waited for the beep!  I loved that it even reminded me to let it sit for 3 minutes – we’re always impatient — and voila: a perfectly roasted and juicy chicken that didn’t have to be poked repeatedly to see if the juices were clear!


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Anne Danahy
Anne Danahy, MS, RDN, is a wellness dietitian and nutrition communications consultant who specializes in women's health and healthy aging. She blogs at Craving Something Healthy. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.