Un-Junk Your Diet: How to Shop, Cook, and Eat to Fight Inflammation and Feel Better Forever

With an overarching theme of eating foods as close to their whole form as possible and as often as possible, this book recommends an “80/20 principle” in which 80 percent of the time readers enjoy whole, minimally processed, anti-inflammatory foods and 20 percent of the time they enjoy foods that don’t fit this description. Categories of pro- and anti-inflammatory food groups are provided, as well as recipes, shopping lists and a 28-day anti-inflammatory plan.

This book has many evidence-based references and stresses the importance of sifting through sources for reliable, sound research; however, the author writes that she does not think any artificial sweeteners are part of the “natural plan” and therefore “your body should not be subjected to them,” regardless of what the research says. In addition, some of the book’s recommendations may not translate as easily for certain populations, such as families with small children, elderly communities or individuals facing food insecurity. Nonetheless, when sticking to the evidence-based suggestions, this book provides helpful information with practical applications.

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Angela Lemond
Angela Lemond, RDN, CSP, LD, is a Spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and registered dietitian nutritionist in private practice. Read her blog, Lemond Nutrition and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.