What Are You Hungry For? The Chopra Solution to Permanent Weight Loss, Well-Being and Lightness of Soul

Based on findings in both mainstream and alternative medicine, this author advocates the principle that obstacles to healthy eating lie in the mind and that weight gain is a physical reflection of the choices made over a lifetime. What Are You Hungry For? emphasizes mindful eating, listening to bodily hunger and fullness cues, and eating a fresh, plant-based diet. After finding mind, body and spiritual fulfillment, the book says, readers will no longer feel the need to overeat.

What Are You Hungry For? may be a good first step in helping readers understand mindful eating and motivating them to make positive lifestyle changes. The book’s ideal diet is nutritionally sound, and the provided recipes are healthful and fairly easy to prepare. However, research references are limited and many principles in the book’s plan, such as energy balance, are vague. Some readers may find it difficult to implement these changes into their lifestyle without individualized counseling and support from a health professional.

Lauri Wright