Videoshop Video Editor (Version 5.0.1)

Synopsis of the App
Comprehensive and easy to use, Videoshop boasts a long list of features to edit and design videos. Start with animated titles, then add voiceovers, music, photos and filters as desired. Speed up, slow down or play a clip in reverse. More options to personalize videos directly from the app include Instagram-inspired filters, themes and author credits. Use it to narrate recipes or create cooking tutorials, then share finished videos at low, medium or high resolution on social media or via email.

Platform and Price
$1.99: Apple and Android

RDN Score
5 out of 5


  • Simple design that launches directly to the record option or video album archive.
  • Introduce videos with animated titles and sound.
  • Adjust exposure, brightness, contrast and saturation.
  • Film in square frame, portrait or landscape mode.
  • Easily add voiceover audio, text overlays from a variety of fonts and 10 different transition options.  
  • Quickly splice and trim unwanted footage and merge multiple clips into one.
  • Add sound from a personal music library or Videoshop's free soundtracks and sound effects. which include applause, laughter and censor beeps among others.
  • Adjust video speed from slow to fast.
  • Create slideshows with existing photos.
  • Play and save video clips in reverse.
  • Indicators alert to the limit for Vine and Instagram video length.
  • Add Instagram-inspired filters, themes, author credits, date and location to final videos.
  • Share finished videos with low-, medium- or high resolution to Vine, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, email or save to your camera roll.
  • No advertisements or log-in required.


  • Supports only up to 720p resolution, whereas other apps go to 1080p or 4k.
  • Using video footage from non-iPhone or -iPad platforms may cause instability or crashes.
  • Adding excessive content and effects may overwork the phone's processing power.
  • Only available on Apple devices.
  • No help section to explain how to use the many editing tools.

Bottom Line
A solid video editing app, Videoshop is ideal for anyone seeking to create and edit videos with fast, easy-to-use editing tools. 

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