Change Talk: Childhood Obesity (Version iOS 2.3)

Synopsis of the App​​

Change Talk is a motivational interviewing simulator designed for healthcare professionals in pediatric settings. 

Platform and Price
Free. Apple, Android and Web.

RDN Score
5 out of 5


  • Well-executed graphics and animation.
  • Teaches motivational interviewing in a digital environment with opportunities to practice what’s learned in a virtual setting with virtual parents and children.
  • Build skills for motivating change in behaviors related to childhood obesity including reducing the intake of sugar, difficulty feeding young ones and breastfeeding behaviors.
  • Modules are approachable and well produced.
  • The app includes a motivational interviewing overview and modules covering patient-centered counseling, reflective listening, and sustain talk.
  • Includes culturally diverse and appropriate avatars to relate to a variety of professionals including dietitians.
  • Engaging and interactive with realistic examples and conversations that a typical healthcare professional may encounter.
  • Helps you learn how to ask patients for their input.
  • Includes thoughts from the child, parent and practitioner – making the simulator a more dynamic and engaging experience to learn and practice motivational interviewing.
  • Offers a virtual coach for guidance – adding feedback to enhance and inform the situation.
  • Use the performance dashboard to track progress.
  • Provides links to credible motivational interviewing resources including books and journal articles and more and the credentials for those who created the app.
  • Leave and pick up where you left off. Repeat the simulator as often as you’d like.


  • Content must be completed in sequence. So, it will take a little time to get through the app.
  • The simulator can be slow to load. Pack your patience before starting.
  • Responses and options are sometimes leading, which may limit the users ability to think critically. 

Bottom Line

With real-life conversations in a dynamic simulation setting, Change Talk is ideal for practitioners who are new to motivational interviewing or simply need a refresher. 

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