Foodfully (Version iOS 1.1.0)

Synopsis of the App​​
FoodFully helps you track purchases to save money and limit food waste. 

Platform and Price
Free. Apple and Android.

RDN Score
3 out of 5


  • The green, white, and berry color scheme maintains a cheerful look and feel.
  • A simple design lets you see what’s in the fridge and if it’s still good from anywhere.
  • View items and spoilage status in “The Fridge” section of the app.
  • Tap “Stove” to see recipes to use the items in the fridge.
  • Easily add purchases by entering loyalty program information, scanning receipts or adding them one by one.
  • Get more accurate reports when you “calibrate your kitchen” by disclosing where you store popular foods like potatoes and citrus and how strict you are about following expiration dates.
  • Log in to gather your purchase history form almost 20 stores from Amazon Prime and Fresh to Instacart and popular brick and mortars like CVS, Kroger, Safeway, Wegmans and more.
  • Includes beautiful food photography of many healthy recipes in “The Fridge” section.
  • View a recipe and see immediately which ingredients are missing from the fridge.
  • Add favorite recipes to the “Faves” section for easy recall.
  • Includes an intro tutorial.


  • Requires surrendering an email address and zip code to access the app.
  • Even with the built-in short cuts, setting up the initial Foodfully inventory requires a bit of time up front to get the best outcomes.  
  • Recipes are sourced and linked to food bloggers and may or may not be tested or reliable and will likely vary in quality. 

Bottom Line

Best used with loyalty cards or by scanning your receipts to avoid manual entry, Foodfully offers a convenient way to keep your food inventory at your fingertips! 

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Marisa Moore
Marisa Moore, MBA, RDN, LD, is based in Atlanta and specializes in culinary nutrition, communications and consulting. She blogs at Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.