Recovery Record for Clinicians (Version iOS 1.9.8)

Synopsis of the App​​

Recovery Record for Clinicians is the evidence based, HIPPA compliant companion to Recovery Record, a leading self-monitoring app for people recovering from eating disorders.

Platform and Price
Free. Apple and Android.

RDN Score
5 out of 5


  • The app is HIPPA compliant and includes an extensive privacy statement and agreement.
  • Requires a 4-digit passcode and logs the clinician out when they leave the app for extra security.
  • Send secure direct messages to clients and receive real time client photos and chats.
  • Provides functional demo clients with complete content for the clinician to practice using the app before opening it up to actual clients.
  • Clients can record details on their environment, disordered behaviors and symptoms, hunger, food and drink intake, urges, and activity.
  • Option to customize what clients sees to best manage his/her treatment and recovery.
  • Regularly engage clients using the EPSI (Eating Pathology Symptom Inventory).
  • Track client triggers and changes in target behaviors over time to gain insight via customizable graphs and charts.
  • Includes space to share feedback and record private notes.
  • Suitable for a range of clinicians including registered dietitians, doctors, psychologists, and others.
  • Host team and client chats.
  • Manage one client without cost. Paid plans range at $9-$49/month based on number of clients.
  • Includes an option for clinics and enterprise to integrate electronic medical records.


  • App design is not as sleek as some others on the market but this doesn’t impair the user experience.  

Bottom Line

Record Recovery for Clinicians is the essential and comprehensive companion to the Record Recovery app. With tons of features, it’s a convenient tool for practitioners who want to connect with clients anywhere and anytime.  

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