HealthWatch 360 (Version 1.2)

Platform and Price
Free: Apple (Android coming soon)

RDN Score
4 out of 5

Synopsis of the App
HealthWatch 360 is a tracker that claims to connect the dots between your health, nutrition and lifestyle. Created by a nutritional genomics company, HealthWatch 360 is designed to help users understand how their genes might factor in to their health.


  • Attractive, easy-to-use design.
  • Set goals and track progress.
  • Easily access all trackers from the home page.
  • Monitor more than 30 nutrients. 
  • Extensive food and fitness activity database.
  • Track over 500 custom conditions and symptoms including libido, anxiety and sleep quality in addition to the standard weight, food and physical activity inputs. 
  • Discover 7 and 30 day trends in your weight, sleep quality, work productivity, nutrition and fitness among others via interactive charts.
  • Web platform provides a second method to track and enter data.
  • Staff includes a registered dietitian nutritionist.
  • Offers a tutorial and helpful FAQs covering the main parts of the app.


  • Like other trackers, success depends on the user's compliance with entering data daily.
  • The genes-nutrition-health component is not well integrated into the app, taking you to the GB HealthWatch website for more information.
  • Requires sign in and an internet connection.
  • References for the content are not readily visible.
  • Not yet available on Android.

Bottom Line
HealthWatch 360 is one of the most comprehensive health trackers available. It may help the already motivated user identify areas for improvement and encourage a healthier lifestyle. 

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