Atari Fit (Version 1.1.6)

Synopsis of the App
Work out, earn points and play games as exercise becomes playtime with Atari Fit's gamified global fitness app.

Platform and Price
Free: Apple and Android

RDN Score
3 out of 5


  • Track distance, speed and calories burned.
  • Get a workout using over 150 exercise routines from full-body circuit training to running programs.
  • Connect with friends and compete with others by creating a team or joining an existing one.
  • Earn reward points based on the calories you burn.
  • Use reward points to take a trip down memory lane and play old school Atari games on your phone, unlock additional exercise routines or exchange them for items at Walgreens.
  • Easily log custom exercises and activities.
  • Compatible with wearables like Fitbit and Jawbone.
  • Connect and share data with complementary apps like Runkeeper, HealthKit and GoogleFit.
  • Sign up using Google, Facebook or an email address.


  • Lacks the polished, sleek design common in many of the other apps in the category.
  • For best results, users must allow Atari Fit to read and write to the health data stored on their phone, which may raise privacy concerns.
  • Workout plans are represented with a single image versus a video or animated clip demonstrating the full movement, leaving room for user error. 
  • Small, difficult-to-read font at times.
  • Noted some misspelled words and improper grammar usage.
  • Only three games to play (Pong, Centipede and Super Breakout), conspicuously leaving out the beloved and iconic Pac-Man.

Bottom Line
Children of the '80s can briefly reminisce as Atari is all grown up and wants to make fitness a game. It's a great idea in theory, but, unfortunately, AtariFit lacks many of the features present in other fitness apps in the category.

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Marisa Moore
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