AllergyEats (Version 2.0.4)

Synopsis of the App
AllergyEats was created to reduce the anxiety associated with eating out with food allergies. Though not all cities are fully represented, AllergyEats can make it easier to find allergy-friendly restaurants throughout the country. The simple design filters by major food allergens and puts key details — restaurant website, phone number, directions and menus — in one place. The active user community provides real-life experiences with restaurant ratings and comments.

Platform and Price
Free: Android and Apple

RDN Score
4 out of 5


  • Simple, user-friendly design.
  • Lists more than 850,000 restaurants nationwide.
  • Bypass the app login to quickly find nearby restaurants that work with your allergy needs.
  • Search by geographic location.
  • Customize your search by filtering for the major eight food allergens, plus sesame and gluten.
  • Create a restaurant reservation at over 20,000 restaurants in one click via OpenTable.
  • Quickly call the restaurant with one click from the app.
  • Link to the restaurant's standard and kid's menus when available.
  • Using comments and star ratings, the active user community provides real life experience on the restaurants' ability to accommodate guests with food allergies.
  • Easily share restaurant finds via social media or email.
  • Sort ratings and user comments by allergen.
  • Create a profile to save favorites, comment, rate restaurants and collect "recognition" points.
  • Option to log in with Facebook or Twitter and avoid creating yet another profile.
  • Content also available on the AllergyEats website.


  • Requires registration or login with a social media account to rate restaurants and save favorites.
  • Includes advertisements on each page.
  • Menus are not available for all restaurants.
  • Some search results are vague. Because the app doesn't provide a list of allergen-free menu items, you'll need to do a little legwork to find menu items that work.
  • Smaller cities and towns may be underrepresented or unavailable.

Bottom Line
Whether traveling throughout the United States, heading out for a date or a family lunch, AllergyEats makes it easier to find allergy-friendly restaurants that work for everyone. 

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