MySymptoms (Version 4.46)

Synopsis of the App
The convenient mySymptoms app offers a way to track foods, activities, stressors and environmental factors that impact how you feel and may cause unpleasant side effects, such as nausea, bloating or eczema. Though it doesn't sync data between devices, mySymptoms is well-designed, easy to use and one of the most comprehensive apps of its kind. Combined with the care of a qualified health professional, it's a useful tracker for anyone working to pin down the source of an allergy or ailment.

Platform and Price
$2.99: Apple and Android

RDN Score
4 out of 5


  • Simple and easy to use design.
  • Easily track food, drink, physical activity, medication and other inputs.
  • Analyze and uncover patterns between your inputs and symptoms.
  • Record and track the impact of pollen and other environmental factors, energy, sleep quality and bowel movement details using a Bristol scale.
  • Click the symptoms icon to easily record notes and enter the duration and intensity of a variety of symptoms including nausea, vomiting, bloating, eczema, stomach pain, hay fever, heartburn and more.
  • Analyze symptoms by the hour, day or over a specific date range.
  • Review graphs that show intensity trends for each symptom over one, three, six or 12 months.
  • Use the organizer to review, add or edit food, recipes, medications, exercise and symptoms.
  • Adjust symptom intensity and duration using easy to change slider graphics.
  • App identifies "top suspects" based on those foods or other inputs most highly correlated with symptoms.
  • Includes a multi-user option to keep a diary for all family members.
  • Save a PDF of the diary to share with a health care professional or family member.
  • Create your own and modify symptoms that aren't already in the app.
  • Includes a disclaimer warning that the app doesn't provide medical advice and to always consult a qualified health professional.


  • The app only shows correlation and does not prove cause.
  • Does not currently provide an option to sync data between devices.
  • It's not easy to add food quantities, which may play a role in symptom appearance.

Bottom Line
Combined with the care of a qualified health care professional, MySymptoms is useful for anyone trying to pin down the source of an allergy or other symptoms. 

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