Kitchen Tools

A Versatile Waffle Maker That Does More Than Waffles

August 9, 2017 Elizabeth Shaw

On a hunt to create the perfect Pinterest-worthy waffle hash brown, I knew I needed to give the LAGRANGE Tarti’ Gaufres waffle maker a go. Trust me when I say my past attempts could have easily made it on the Pinterest fail list. I kept at it though, determined to find the right appliance that would guide me to success.

Kitchen Tools

An Indoor Grill Without the Smoke

August 1, 2017 Sara Haas

Product reviewed: Avance Collection Indoor Grill by Phillips Sometimes this girl just needs to grill, and that can be a tall order when you live in Chicago! Winters here can be brutal and, since I live in

Kitchen Tools

All Knives Are Not Created Equal

July 24, 2017 Heather Goesch

Product reviewed: Shun Hikari 8” Chef’s Knife I like to think my knife skills are pretty sharp. While the technique might need some work, a counter full of formidable ingredients provided the perfect opportunity to test myself,

Kitchen Tools

New, Electricity-Free Blender on The Block

June 28, 2017 Tok-Hui Yeap

Product reviewed: Revablend Most conventional blenders are big and clunky, taking up a lot of space and involving two or three steps to assemble before you can use them. Not so with the Revablend, which