A Sustainable Way to Store Leftovers

A Sustainable Way to Store Leftovers - Food & Nutrition Magazine - Stone Soup
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Product reviewed: Lékué Reusable Silicone Box

As a chef and dietitian, I am always looking for simple solutions to create a more sustainable kitchen. I typically use glass or plastic containers to store leftovers or food I’ve meal prepped for the week, but I’ve noticed plastic containers tend to be harder to clean, as they stain easily, and don’t last as long. I’ve made the mistake of storing ingredients in glass containers when traveling to do cooking demonstrations and classes. Glass containers are great, but they’re heavier and have a moderate risk of breaking. Lékué’s Reusable Silicone Boxes are the perfect middle ground solution — easy to clean, sturdy and lightweight. Bonus: You’ll never lose a lid, since they are attached!

A smart and reusable alternative to disposable plastic bags and single-use plastic containers and lids, these long-lasting and environmentally safe products are available in three sizes. They are designed to store and keep food fresh, freeze portions and use when batch cooking. A Sustainable Way to Store Leftovers -

I’ve personally been trying to use more silicone storage containers to replace the plastic in my kitchen. I really love the green semi-transparent color of the Lékué boxes, which allow me to see what is stored inside. There is a little built-in pocket where you can add a note describing the contents and date for leftovers.

I’m not sure what everyone else’s container drawer looks like in their kitchen, but mine is constantly getting jumbled around and I am always trying to find the lid that matches the container. With these silicone boxes, the lids are connected to the container, so that is one problem solved.

Using these silicone boxes, I’ve not only stored leftovers or meal-prepped ingredients in the fridge, but also frozen and then thawed meals. The thickness of the silicone protects the food from frost and freezer burn. The rimmed edge on the side is easy to hold and doesn’t get hot, making it easy to transport in and out of the microwave to reheat food. Best of all, these boxes are easy to clean in the dishwasher but do need a little extra air-dry time.

Lékué’s Reusable Silicone Boxes are a great way to transition to using less plastic in the kitchen. They are durable, versatile and easy to clean. And with the lid attached, you won’t ever be searching for a matching lid again.

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Julie Harrington
Julie Harrington, RD is the registered dietitian and culinary nutrition chef behind her website JulieHarringtonRD.com based in New Jersey.

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