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Product reviewed: JK Adams Tech Edge Cutting Board

Do you ever prepare recipes using your phone but worry about picking it up with messy hands, putting it down in a wet spot on the counter or spilling flour on it? The JK Adams Tech Edge Cutting Board has a slot for your phone or tablet. It’s an innovative and practical idea that makes it easy to view recipes or keep an eye on notifications while you work in the kitchen.

The Tech Edge Cutting Board is a large, beautiful maple cutting board.Access Online Recipes While You Cook - It is reversible with one plain side and the other with the cutout for a phone or tablet. It’s sturdy and very attractive, so you can leave it out to enhance the appearance and functionality of your kitchen — especially if it’s hard to find a cabinet where it fits. The board comes with a packet of mineral oil, which the manufacturer recommends using for regular maintenance.

I was impressed with the look and heft of this board. In fact, I was a little nervous to cut on it, as I didn’t want to scratch the surface. It seems easy and pleasant to chop vegetables and fruit on it. Like any cutting board, a damp cloth placed underneath will help prevent it from sliding on the counter. Knives didn’t slip on the wood surface, as they can on a glass cutting board. I noticed some cutting marks from using serrated knives, but I think those are inevitable. The manufacturer’s website notes that these marks can be buffed out with fine sandpaper.

I found the phone slot works best if my phone is sideways. Otherwise, it bent back at the bottom of the case. This will depend on your phone and case size. I really like that the board is large enough to prepare different foods in separate areas. This can save on counter space and the need to use multiple cutting boards for a meal. When you’re done using the board, simply wash it by hand.

As this cutting board weighs 7 pounds, it’s a bit unwieldy to pick up and sweep cut food into a pan, as compared to a plastic cutting board. However, it is more environmentally friendly and easy enough to adapt cooking habits by sweeping the cut food onto a lighter plate before transferring to the pan.

The JK Adams Tech Edge Cutting Board provides a simple and intelligent design — an improvement on an essential kitchen tool. It is great for any cook with a little elbow room in their kitchen and would make a great housewarming gift.

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