“Artisinal” Rolling Pins Are Perfect for Hand-Made Goodies

JK Adams Rolling Pins

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J.K. Adams Rolling Pins

I am a sucker for artisanal wooden utensils. Ditch the steel, plastic and acrylic — give me a rustic wooden spoon or cutting board any day. So naturally, I was tickled to test these J.K. Adams Rolling Pins. This Vermont-based company promotes sustainability and produces high-quality, handcrafted products from cutting boards to wine racks.

When I unpacked the “Lovely Rolling Pins” set, I was enamored and intrigued — enamored by the simple-yet-beautiful craftsmanship of the blonde wooden rolling pins; intrigued because of the meticulous engineering and thoughtful design. These pins are shaped to ensure that dough is rolled to a perfect thickness (either ⅛-inch or ¼-inch) each time. I love that the basis of the design is utilitarian; when it comes to baking cookies, pizza dough or even your own gluten-free crackers, uniform dough thickness is key.

I tested the pins with whole-wheat pitas and vegan chocolate crackers. Both items were easy to make and the rolling pins ensured each pita and cracker were portion consistent. For someone trying to maintain or lose weight, portion control is key. And yet, preparing items at home often can lead to variable serving sizes: one portion may equal one serving, while another might equal two or more servings.

As an added bonus for the gluten intolerant: if you or someone in your family suffers from a gluten-allergy, these pins will come in handy if you regularly bake your own desserts (pie crusts, cookies, bars) or bread products (flatbread, pita, crackers).

Despite the fact that I loved the rolling pins, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The pins themselves are actually quite long, so if you have limited counter space you may have to improvise and use a table or another wide surface.
  • If your recipe calls for dough of greater or lesser thickness, you may have to use a more standardized pin.

The warnings aside, I think these J.K. Adams Rolling pins would make a great gift for your favorite bakers…and look fabulous on their countertops.

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Brieanna Casperson, RDN, is a Connecticut-based dietitian with a focus on plant-based cooking and baking. Read her blog, B.Flavorful, and follow her on Facebook.