Cheese Board with a Natural, Rustic Look

Slate Cheese Board

Product Reviewed:
JK Adams Strata Slate Server

The JK Adams Strata Slate cheese board offers a unique surface for serving cheeses and hors d’oeuvres. With a deep gray color providing a natural and rustic look, it comes equipped with a dust-free chalk pencil for writing labels of the cheese you’re eating right on the board. However, the surface was not the smoothest, which made it something of a challenge to write clearly.

This cheese board is designed for parties: lay out your favorite cheeses and invite friends and family over to enjoy. This is precisely what I did! I paired some of my favorite cheeses — thyme goat cheese, herbed Gouda, Pecorino Romano and a local white cheddar from New York — with herbs, black olives, nuts and crackers. I just used a cheese knife for cutting and organized the cheeses and accompaniments and placed them neatly onto the board. Note that cheeses should be cut on a cutting board, and not the slate.

Now, cheeses need no help in looking appealing, but presenting them on a beautiful slate board made them that much more appealing. Plus, it is very easy to clean. Simply hand wash, rinse and dry. The size of this slate cheese board works very well for those of you who are limited in kitchen space. I was able to store it discreetly in my tiny New York City kitchen.

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Wendy Lopez
Wendy Lopez, MS, RD, CDE, is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist who is passionate about educating communities on plant-based eating in ways that are accessible and culturally relevant. Working as a clinical dietitian in a community clinic in Port Chester, NY, Wendy focuses on disease prevention and management. She uses an integrative and individualized approach towards nutrition, health, and wellbeing. Wendy was raised in the Bronx, with roots in the Dominican Republic. When not catching up on the latest nutrition science, you can find her cooking, traveling, basking in the sun, and obsessively working on home improvement projects. Connect with her at Food Heaven Made Easy.