Chop, Slice and Dice with Ease and Comfort

Chop, Slice and Dice with Ease and Comfort - Food & Nutrition Magazine - Stone Soup
Photo by Lauren Harris-Pincus

Product reviewed: Shun Classic Master Utility 6.5” knife

You know the feeling: You’ve been using the same knives forever and, upon purchasing a new one, you discover the shocking ease of cutting with a proper knife. That’s how I felt when I received the Shun Classic Master Utility 6.5” knife.Chop, Slice and Dice with Ease and Comfort -

Handcrafted in Japan, this ultra-versatile tool combines the nimbleness of a utility knife with the do-it-all capabilities of a chef’s knife. The blade is slightly longer and significantly wider, so you can easily accomplish a wide range of food preparation tasks while enjoying the ease of use and agility of a compact knife. There’s extra width at the heel and a slightly curved belly to enable rocking cuts when mincing herbs and spices. The larger handle provides a secure, comfortable and confident grip for both right- and left-handed users. It’s also durable and won’t harbor bacteria.

The knife’s downturned tip is extra durable, and its proprietary cutting core is resistant to wear and corrosion, strong and very fine-grained to enable a razor-sharp, long-lasting 16-degree edge. For stain resistance and to help food release from the blade, the knife has 34 layers of stainless Damscus cladding on each side. All this to say, you can chop, slice, dice, shred or portion with this one very beautiful, very functional, kitchen knife.

I used the knife on many different types of produce; it beautifully sliced tomatoes, potatoes, onions, peppers, mushrooms, cucumbers, apples, oranges and much more. It made chopping garlic very easy and efficient. And for the ultimate test, I used the knife to slice right through a butternut squash with no difficulty!

I spend a lot of time prepping produce and, oftentimes, my hand begins to hurt and the handle leaves a mark. Not with Shun! I promise this knife is the most comfortable one I have used thus far.

Overall, the Shun Classic Master Utility 6.5” knife performs beautifully. I very much appreciate the sleek and modern appearance, as well and the ability to ditch many of my lesser performing knives. This is one versatile piece of cutlery!

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Lauren Harris-Pincus
Lauren Harris-Pincus, MS, RDN, is a nutrition communications specialist, author, speaker, spokesperson, corporate consultant and registered dietitian in private practice. She is the founder and owner of Nutrition Starring YOU, LLC where she specializes in weight management and prediabetes. She is also the author of “The Protein Packed Breakfast Club." Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.