Cutluxe Knives Slice Through the Competition

Cutluxe Knives Slice Through the Competition - Food & Nutrition Magazine - Kitchen Tools
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Products Reviewed: Cutluxe Shinobi Series 8” Chef Knife, Cutluxe Artisan Series 8” Chef Knife, Cutluxe Artisan Series 10” Scimitar Butcher Knife and Cutluxe Artisan Series 10” Bullnose Butcher Knife 

For this review, I was provided a variety of knives that I was able to put to good use in a multitude of ways my other knives were not designed for. Here’s what I got from Cutluxe: Shinobi Series 8” Chef Knife, Artisan Series 8” Chef Knife, Artisan Series 10” Scimitar Butcher Knife and Artisan Series 10” Bullnose Butcher Knife.

These knives are made of high-quality steel that will last; the Shinobi Series has 67 layers of Japanese forged steel and the Artisan line uses high-quality German engineered steel. Accompanied by an ergonomic handle made of pakkawood, these knives promote a firm and comfortable grip. The knives also come in a variety of styles, allowing for different uses or types of cuts which is great for any kitchen.Cutluxe Knives Slice Through the Competition -

I had an overall positive experience using the Cutluxe knives. As I previously mentioned, the variety in knife design really came in handy. When using the scimitar and bullnose butcher knives, I found they were great for larger cuts of meat. Since they both are designed for larger cuts of meat, only one of them would be necessary for most home kitchens. It just boils down to which shape of knife you prefer.

The same can be said for the Shinobi Series 8” Chef Knife and the Artisan Series 8” Chef Knife. I tested both of these knives by prepping for various recipes, cutting onions, carrots, mushrooms, squash and more. For cutting a more challenging food like squash, these sharp knives took on the task with ease. I found that both knives were of high quality and felt natural in my hand when cutting, but ultimately, they perform the same tasks. I preferred the Shinobi Series knife a little bit more than the Artisan Series one, but from a purely aesthetic standpoint. You can’t go wrong purchasing any of these knives.

Overall, I found that all these knives were great to use in the kitchen. They all are very sharp and felt natural in my hand. At a reasonable price, I would recommend these knives for every home cook.

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