Easy to Cook, Easier to Clean Frypan Set

Easy to Cook, Easier to Clean Frypan Set
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Product Reviewed: Tuxton Concentrix 2-Piece Open Nonstick Frypan Set

Over time, even the best nonstick pans get scratched, lose their nonstick coating or just flat out stop performing well. I’m at that point in my kitchen. When I got the opportunity to test the Tuxton Concentrix 2-piece Open Nonstick Frypan Set, I couldn’t help but get excited at the prospect of cooking in a pan that would heat evenly and let my cooking skills shine. Plus, the pans’ color was an immediate draw. I have the cilantro green, but honestly, I would have been happy cooking with any of the amazing color choices. I love anything that offers some excitement and a change from the norm while in the kitchen.

This set includes one 11-inch and one 8-inch frypan, both featuring a flared rim design and Tuxton’s TriPly encapsulated tuxCORE base that allows for even heating from any stovetop surface. The pans are stainless steel and the inside nonstick coating comes in a variety of colors. A little olive oil goes a long way in these pans and makes it even easier to cook without adding saturated fats.

When I opened the box, my attention was drawn to the shape of the pans. Beyond the shiny coating and gorgeous green hue, the depth of the pan and contour of the rim were different from other pans I had tried.

Within a week, I made three meals in the pans, making sure to try a variety of delicate foods such as fish and an omelet. I learned early on that I didn’t need much olive oil and probably a light spray would have done the job better. This is great for anyone trying to reduce calorie intake or cook without using a lot of less healthful fat choices. With these pans, you can cook food easily without adding a lot of extra calories.

The shape of the pans really helped contain food without any splashing as I stirred. I was impressed by how evenly food cooked and even more impressed that the stainless-steel handle didn’t get hot. The only downside for me was the weight of the larger pan combined with the length of the handle. As I went from the stove to plate dinner, I struggled a little to hold the pan and serve the food at the same time.

Overall, I loved the fun aspect of the color, the superior nonstick cooking surface and the depth of the pans. Did I mention how easy they were to clean? After letting the pan cool, it took almost no time at all to wipe clean.

I would recommend these frypans to anyone from a novice home cook to a seasoned chef. Nothing beats a well-designed nonstick cooking surface for creating nutritious meals. But, most importantly, there’s more time to savor your food and less time spent cleaning up!

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