Five Fingers of Silicone

KMH Finger Mitt

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KMN Home FingerMitt

Silicone kitchen tools are among my favorites because they can withstand very high heat. I have about eight silicone spatulas and spoons in various shapes and sizes.

For this reason, I was thrilled to try out the FingerMitt — an oven mitt resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even though they are called “mitts,” the five-finger design makes them gloves in my book, and this is both a good and bad thing. The design allows for greater dexterity, which is especially helpful when lifting small, steamy bowls from the microwave oven. But I move pretty fast in my kitchen and sometimes get the right and left gloves mixed up. And that, of course, slows me down.

The gloves cover the palm of the hand to the base of the thumb but only the fingers on the top of the hand leaving the knuckles are exposed. This limited coverage favors dexterity but increases the chances of a burn to the top of the hand. Because of the potential to confuse the right and left gloves (especially for a direction-impaired person like me), and because the tops of the hands are not protected, this is better for an experienced cook or a less experienced cook who is perhaps cooking a single item rather than a full meal.

I like the grip I get from being able to move my fingers freely, so I’ll continue to use these FingerMitts — especially now that I’m becoming adept at putting them down in such a way to avoid fumbling the right and left gloves.

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