Food Prepping with the PrepOn Santoku Knife

Food Prepping with the PrepOn Santoku Knife - Food & Nutrition Magazine - Stone Soup
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Product reviewed: PrepOn Kitchen 8” German Steel Santoku Knife

As someone who cooks a lot, I am always interested in a great knife. After all, a quality knife makes food prep more joyful.

The PrepOn Kitchen 8” German Steel Santoku Knife arrived beautifully packaged in a decorated green box wrapped with tissue paper. It comes with a plastic sheath, too, so it can be stored safely in a drawer or transported with ease. The 8” blade is longer than what I am used to using, and the knife is a bit heavier, too. The handle fits nicely in my hand and the weight feels very solid.

Another note about the design: The blade isn’t quite flush with the handle, which differs from the santoku knife I typically use. Cutting works best in the middle of the knife as opposed to the end closest the handle. This was apparent only with small foods such as when mincing garlic and slicing scallions.

The first day of using this PrepOn knife was sheer delight; it sliced though tomato skins with razor sharpness and pineapple skin was no problem at all. I used it to cut all kinds of vegetables and fruits. I usually use plastic and glass cutting boards, which can dull a knife more than wood or bamboo cutting boards, so I find the knife needs sharpening pretty regularly. But it is still fine for cutting through cantaloupe and even bread.Food Prepping with the PrepOn Santoku Knife -

Overall, this is a functional knife that would make a lovely gift for a home cook. There is something to be said for the gentle green color that harmonizes with many healthful foods you may be chopping — plus, plain black handles can get boring to look at! I recommend this knife as a good stainless-steel option. If you want a knife that retains its edge better, try carbon steel. This stainless-steel knife is easier to care for than carbon steel and is even dishwasher safe.

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