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Salt Rox

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Salt Rox Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate

The versatile Salt Rox Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate does triple duty as a foodie’s must-have: it cooks, it seasons and it looks great for serving! But, there are three rules when using the Salt Rox Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate: cook food at high heat (between 400°F and 500°F), never wash it and always use cooking oils that can withstand high temperatures, such as canola or peanut.

For my first test, I made eye-of-round beef and pork loin cutlets. I refrained from adding any salt, since the salt plate contributes plenty of seasoning. I started by pre-heating the salt plate at 400°F in the oven for 30 minutes. Then, I removed the salt plate and placed it on a sheet tray on my stove top. (I tested the largest of Salt Rox’s options and I strongly recommend using a sturdy set of oven mitts. The salt plate is really heavy and gets really hot!)

Then, I spread a little canola oil across the surface and started to sear the pork and beef right on the plate. Although, in this case, perhaps “sear” is not quite the correct word. The meats did sizzle when I placed them on the screaming-hot salt plate, but they did not caramelize and brown as you would typically expect. Despite this lack of caramelization, the final product was juicy and flavorful!

One warning regarding the rule about never washing the salt plate: it can propose potential issues for people with food allergies. For instance, I am allergic to tree nuts and I would not feel comfortable eating something cooked on a salt plate that had ever cooked anything with nuts.

Looking forward, I can see this Salt Rox Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate as a must-have centerpiece for foodies. I’d love to try having guests cook slices of meat and vegetables for make-your-own fajitas or even as a different take on fondue!

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Tessa Nguyen
Tessa Nguyen, RD, LDN, is the founder and principal of Taste Nutrition Consulting. Tessa is a professionally trained Chef and Registered Dietitian working as a consultant in the food and nutrition industries. She blogs at Follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.