Fresh-Squeezed Juice Made Faster Than Peeling

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IMUSA Manual Juicer

I remember as a kid, eating a half a grapefruit and then squeezing it and carefully pouring the remaining juice into my spoon, enjoying the delicious nectar one spoonful at a time. Juice ran all over my hands, but it was worth it.

Now there is an easier way. This simple, manual juicer quickly turns a citrus fruit into a fresh cup — or so — of juice.

The IMUSA Manual Citrus Juicer has three simple parts: the press, a domed strainer, and a stainless steel cup. New to juicing, I did experience a little trouble holding the lever up while removing the spent orange half and strainer, readying it for the next orange half. The cup tipped over and I spilled the juice from the first two orange halves. From three large-but-not-particularly-juicy oranges, I extracted about 3/4 cup of freshly squeezed, delicious juice.

On busy mornings, I actually think making fresh squeezed juice might be quicker than peeling, sectioning and eating a fresh orange. If that helps my family get their daily servings of fruit and loads of vitamin C, I’m all in. Plus, clean-up is a breeze. I simply rinsed the parts and let them air dry.

I can imagine putting the metal cup in the refrigerator before hand to enjoy a really cold, refreshing cup of juice. Or, how about freshly squeezed lime juice for certain adult beverages?  And, fresh lemon juice can be a great flavor enhancer for dishes, allowing us to decrease our use of salt.

Citrus is typically seasonal and at its peak in the winter months, so get juicing!

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Pam Dannon
Pam Dannon, EdM, RD, works in Child Nutrition Services in a mid-size school division for the School Health Initiative Program (SHIP). She also writes a blog, F4: All Things Food and can be followed on Twitter.