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Urban Trend’s Reverso Plus measuring cups

I enjoy whipping up savory dishes without following recipes and just eye-balling ingredients. I usually use one glass liquid measuring cup for an entire recipe — talk about a lot of washing and rinsing, not to mention back straining from reading measurements at eye level.

But if you’re tired of bending over or squatting to read the lines on your measuring cup, or just want more precise measurements, Urban Trend’s Clearview Measuring Cups come in handy. For starters, the measuring lines are on the inside, allowing you to read from almost any angle. I can’t believe I didn’t have to alter my posture to make sure the measurements were hitting the line!

They also come with some handy, built-in hacks that make using these cups extremely convenient. For example, the 4-cup measuring cup has two cups in one, so if you don’t need the large portion, you flip the cup upside down and use the one-cup portion. The Reverso Plus two-cup measuring cup includes five measuring spoons and a 1/2 –cup dry measuring cup attached to the bottom. The Reverso Mini measures up to one cup along, but also includes a detachable two tablespoon measuring spoon on the bottom.

From baking banana bread to making homemade matcha tea lattes, I personally found these measuring cups to be great, particularly if you have lack of storage space like I do, as the measuring spoons and detachable dry cups are built right in. On the downside, there are more pieces to wash, but you can always remove the different components that have not been used before washing.

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