Just Roll with It!

Just Roll with It!
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Product reviewed: JK Adams Lovely Rolling Pin

A rolling pin may not be top of mind when you are thinking of necessary kitchen gear, but it’s definitely one of those things you wish you had when all of the sudden you find yourself knee-deep in a recipe that requires one! That has happened to me on multiple occasions, which is why I knew I needed to invest in a rolling pin that is easy to use, can be stored well and will be there for me when I needed it.

The JK Adams Lovely Rolling Pin has a modern design with a smooth texture, perfect for any rolling project. It also is lightweight, making it great to transport around the kitchen or work space. Raised edges on the side makes the pin easy to hold and use. It glides along dough surfaces without a hitch and will make you forget how much you dislike rolling dough in the first place! I really like the bright modern look of the rolling pin, which added to the overall user-friendly experience.

For recipes that required rolling dough, this rolling pin made the process super easy from start to finish. I lightly floured the surface of the pin, as well as the dough itself, and the dough did not stick, making for an easy cleanup. The Lovely Rolling Pin comes in different sizes, which is great if you’re working with less counter space; you can easily maneuver the smallest rolling pin in tight spaces. Each of the rolling pins got the job done for projects of different shapes and sizes.

Storing the bigger rolling pin can be a little challenging, as it does not fit into a standard-size cabinet. I found that storing it horizontally in a double cabinet or pantry closet is the best option.

Overall, the modern design of the JK Adams Lovely Rolling Pins gives them a sleek look. Plus, they are so easy to use, which is why I would definitely recommend them if you’re looking to replace old ones or buy your first set.Just Roll with It! -

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