A Leak-Proof and Stylish Lunch with This LunchBox To Go

A Leak-Proof and Stylish Lunch with This Lunchbox To Go
Photo: Sarah Pflugradt, MS, RDN

Product Reviewed: The Lékué LunchBox To Go

I was beginning to think the phrase“leak-proof lunchbox” was just an oxymoron. I pack four lunches each morning, and I don’t dare pack anything with a liquid base for fear of leaks. I was anxious to try the Lékué LunchBox To Go because it claims to be 100-percent leak-proof.

The Lékué LunchBox To Go is a two-container plastic lunchbox that fits together with a silicone strap. Each compartment has approximately a 2-cup capacity and comes with a strong-sealing lid that holds it closed. The top compartment has additional space for utensils, which are not included. The lunchbox containers are dishwasher- and microwave-safe, and each has a vent on the lid for safe heating.

I decided to start big and see if the lunchbox was, in fact, 100-percent leak-proof. For my husband’s lunch, I packed soup in the bottom compartment and a fresh roll in the top compartment, then secured it with the silicone strap. The Lékué LunchBox To Go fulfilled its promise and did not leak, even with soup. After this success, I tried packing pasta salad with olive oil dressing; once again, no leaks.

In addition to functioning well, this lunchbox is very sleek and visually appealing. It holds a good amount of food without taking up a lot of space. It also is easy to clean and did not stain, although it holds a manufacturer warning that tomato sauces and foods with a high sugar content may damage or stain the containers.

Having such a tight seal is great for an adult, but this lunchbox would not be good for my small children. It takes a little work to hold the container steady and remove the lid. My children found it slightly difficult to open. Also, purchasing the utensil kit would be beneficial, as my standard-size utensils would not fit in the compartment and had to be packed separately.

The Lékué LunchBox To Go is small and compact enough to fit in a purse or backpack without worries of leaks. Great for those mindful portion sizes, the lunchbox can hold a good size salad and a healthy portion of soup. I love that this lunchbox has two compartments: one for food that needs to stay cold and one for foods that can be reheated. This is a giant plus.

I would recommend the Lékué LunchBox To Go to my busy adult friends or clients who are looking for a stylish option that is portable, leak-proof and keeps foods separate.A Leak-Proof and Stylish Lunch with This LunchBox To Go -

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