Mess-Free Blanching with Silicone Mesh

Lekue cooking mesh

Product Reviewed:
Lékué Cooking Mesh

Let me explain what kind of a cook I am. I love great tasting food and on most nights (particularly weeknights) I like it fast. So I rarely utilize a lot of gadgets. With my chef’s knife, a cutting board, and a few pots and pans I’m ready to whip up something delicious and nutritious.

So what to do with the Lékué Cooking Mesh? Hmm … I could use it to infuse flavor while poaching. But that’s not something I typically do, Plus, I just never seemed to get around to finding a recipe for that purpose.

What about using it to blanch veggies? Perfect! I grabbed some green beans, dumped them in the bag and dipped the silicone bag into boiling water. Using the handy draw string attached to the bag, I was able to easily remove the bag into my cold water bath. I loved that it kept the individual green beans contained, which is something I struggle with when blanching veggies.

Another option with the Silicone Mesh is to place herbs into your cooking water to infuse the flavor without worrying about the herbs mixing in with your food. It’s a practical time-saver and, if you have more than one mesh bag, you could even cook multiple items at once without mixing the contents.

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Marci Evans
Marci Evans, MS, CEDRD-S, counsels clients and manages her group practice in Cambridge, MA. She also brings her passion and skill in the eating disorders field to students, interns and clinicians with online trainings and clinical supervision. Connect with her at and all social media outlets @marciRD.