Mixing It Up from Breakfast to Dessert

Mixing It Up from Breakfast to Dessert - Food & Nutrition Magazine - Kitchen Tools
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Product reviewed: Emile Henry Mixing Bowl, Medium

As a registered dietitian nutritionist and food blogger, I spend seven days a week creating, testing and perfecting recipes. I am always looking for kitchen tools to help make the process easier and more efficient. It’s also helpful when my kitchen tools and accessories double as props for my recipe photos. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to use the Emile Henry Mixing Bowl, and it has become my go-to bowl every time I step into the kitchen to mix things up.

Since 1850, the Emile Henry Company has been manufacturing the finest quality ceramic cooking and bakeware, and I love that the Emily Henry Company is family-owned and operated.Mixing It Up from Breakfast to Dessert - One of the most interesting facts about the cookware is that it is made from the mineral-rich soils and clay from the Burgundy region of France.

As soon as I unwrapped the medium mixing bowl, I was excited to put it to work. I immediately noticed that the deeper bowl design kept all the splatters and splashes inside the bowl. The easy-to-grab handle is the convenience I need to move the bowl from mixing in the kitchen to presenting a salad, pasta or mashed potatoes in an elegant bowl on the dinner table. Another great feature is the no-mess pouring spout. It is so convenient! Anything that saves me clean-up time will always move to the top of my favorites list, and my new Emile Henry Mixing Bowl is number one in my book!

The other morning, when I was making breakfast, the first thing I did was grab my Emile Henry Mixing bowl. The medium size is perfect for mixing up my Lemon Blueberry Pancake batter. I wasn’t quite ready to start cooking, so I put the mixing bowl in the fridge to chill. The size of the medium bowl is perfect because it slides onto any shelf in my refrigerator. When I was ready to start cooking, the easy-to-grab handle allowed me to use the no-mess spout to pour the batter and make these yummy pancakes. After giving the bowl a quick wash, I whipped up some blueberry syrup in it and then popped the mixing bowl in the oven to keep the syrup warm. Breakfast was ready, and the warm syrup in my multifunctional mixing bowl was the perfect complement to my table décor!

As I have continued to use my new mixing bowl, I have been impressed by how easily it transfers from the freezer to a hot oven and later to the dishwasher. By using fewer bowls, I can speed up my cooking and cleaning time, which allows me to spend more time with family and friends.

Since I am in the kitchen so much, having accessories like the Emile Henry Mixing Bowl is not only convenient, but also dependable because of its great quality. Since the Emile Henry brand has been around for more than 170 years, I know that I can depend on the highest quality ceramic cooking and bakeware. It’s ideal for gifting to friends and family, it makes cooking in my kitchen easier, and it adds the perfect touch of casual elegance to my table.

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