My Wood Cutting Board Has Never Looked Better

My Wood Cutting Board Has Never Looked Better - Food & Nutrition Magazine - Stone Soup
Photo by Anne Danahy

Product reviewed: JK Adams Wood Care Kit

A high-quality cutting board can be quite an investment, but it’s also something you’ll use nearly every day. And it can last forever if you take good care of it. I’ve had my thick maple cutting board for quite a few years, and with stains, cuts and lots of Arizona dryness, it was definitely in need of some TLC. I couldn’t wait to try out the JK Adams Wood Care Kit. My Wood Cutting Board Has Never Looked Better -

The JK Adams Classic Wood Care Kit comes with everything you need to restore a cutting board and make it practically brand new. It includes:

  • A fine-grit sanding sponge to gently smooth out any cut marks
  • A bottle of mineral oil with a special sponge applicator to moisturize the wood
  • A jar of beeswax to seal and waterproof the wood

The JK Adams Natural Wood Care Kit includes a sanding sponge and an all-natural, food-safe wood conditioner made from coconut oil, organic carnauba wax and beeswax.

Both kits are great, but I personally love the classic kit because of the mineral oil and easy-to-use applicator sponge. My dry cutting board drank up the mineral oil.

If you use a wood cutting board, it’s essential to use either beeswax or a good wood conditioner like this one. Both help seal the cutting board and prevent liquids, odors and bacteria from penetrating the wood. I tried the beeswax on one side, and the wood conditioner on the other; they worked equally well, and water beaded up with both finishes.

I found the JK Adams Wood Care kits very easy to use, and I highly recommend them for anyone who wants to give their cutting board a new lease on life.

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