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Hydaway Bottle

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Hydaway Bottle

The Hydaway collapsible water bottle is a good option for outdoor adventurers, endurance athletes and travelers. With a light pull on the base, the bottle expands to four inches tall with 12-ounce capacity. Expand it further to a six-inch bottle with a 12-ounce capacity.

I took the Hydaway with me to work and on a run. It was easy to carry, either in a small compartment in my backpack or in my pocket when running. The wide mouth makes for easy filling, and the flip-up straw makes for little to no splash back.

It’s rugged too. I dropped it a few times and tossed it across the room with water inside – no spills when the top is screwed on securely.

A couple of tips: Be sure to keep the bottle tipped up when drinking to maintain a steady stream of water. Collapsing the bottle took a little practice, but can be done fairly quickly once you get used to it.

I found the Hydaway useful for my five-mile run on a humid New York City day, as I didn’t have to lug around a big bottle of water the entire time.  Once I found a water fountain, I filled the Hydaway, drank it over the next mile and tucked it away when the bottle was empty.

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