Demeyere Smoker
Kitchen Tools

Thank You for Smoking

April 22, 2014 Jessie Erwin

Product Reviewed: Demeyere Stovetop Smoker Every so often, you notice that a new kitchen tool has changed the way you think about home cooking. Instead of putting it in the pantry and forgetting about it,

Kitchen Tools

Morocco in My Kitchen: My Tagine Love Affair

April 10, 2014 EA Stewart

Product Reviewed: Emile Henry Tagine Step in to my home, decorated with vibrantly colored tiles, arches leading into almost every room, and Moorish iron scroll work adorning my railings and staircases, and you will have

Shun Scissors
Kitchen Tools

Herb Shears for Kitchen Gardeners

April 7, 2014 Caroline Kaufman

Product Reviewed: Shun Herb Shears When I lived in New York City, I had a charming windowsill herb garden and I would pluck out tender green stems and leaves for my recipes. I am not

January-February 2014

A Knife Made for Sparkling Lemonade

December 20, 2013 McKel Hill

Product Reviewed Pure Komachi 2 Citrus Knife The Pure Komachi 2 Citrus Knife is, as the name suggest, designed for citrus fruits. This brightly colored yellow knife is made from high carbon stainless steel, which

January-February 2014

Cooked Pasta at the Touch of a Button

December 20, 2013 Sally Kuzemchak

Product Reviewed Lékué Pasta Cooker You may be thinking, “Really? Microwaved pasta?” I was too. And the first time I tried the Lekue Pasta Cooker, I ended up with a mountain of mushy, overcooked spaghetti

January-February 2014

The Gadget with a Seal of Approval

December 20, 2013 Natalia Stasenko

Product Review Caso® Vacuum Sealer I had never used a vacuum sealer before, but the Caso® Vacuum Sealer turned out to be a very easy appliance to handle, even for a novice like myself. Keeping

Rosle Chopper
Kitchen Tools

Caramelized Onions without the Tears

December 20, 2013 Maria Tadic, RD

Product Reviewed: Rösle Onion and Vegetable Chopper Over the past few months, I’ve become progressively more obsessed with caramelized onions. They are now, officially, my favorite “condiment.” I mix them in with scrambled eggs, put