A Pan to Make You Feel Like a TV Chef

Cast Fry Pan

Product Reviewed:
Gunter Wilhelm Cast Fry Pan

When cooking with this nonstick, oven-safe pan, my vegetables sautéed and sizzled as if I were a TV cooking show celebrity. The Gunter Wilhelm Cast Fry Pan is perfect for foods meant to brown on the outside and remain soft on the inside. Grilled cheese sandwiches and pancakes turn out just the way you want them, and stir-fried vegetables and meats brown nicely with only a little oil. Delicate fish cook quickly, and both fried eggs and hash brown. However, it wasn’t good for omelets — the outside was too crispy — or roasting vegetables.

The pan preheated in about 5 minutes, and was easy to clean by hand with soap and water— soaking or washing in a dishwasher is not recommended.

One drawback to this product is that the pan is heavy — probably too heavy for someone with weakened muscles such as an elderly client. It is, however, perfect for the younger novice cook, as foods cook evenly and quickly.

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Cindy Gay
Cindy Gay, RDN, LD, retired from her 40-year career in retail services where she created the Healthy Cafe. She conducts culinary demos at the local farmers market and teaches in the lifelong learning institute. On most days, Cindy creates meals with whole ingredients. Her latest tools include a flour mill and pasta maker. There's so much to learn! Connect with her on Twitter and Pinterest.