This Pan Makes Authentic Paella at Home

Paella Pan

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Mauviel M’steel Paella Pan, 14″

The Mauviel Paella Pan is not just for paella, although it does give you a good excuse to have your friends over for a Spanish themed dinner. No friends? Well, you might make more friends if you have this pan.

Mauviel, from Normandy, France, has been manufacturing high-quality cookware since 1830. This particular pan is made from black steel (also known as carbon steel) and can be treated like cast iron. It is lighter in weight than cast iron, but has the same properties – it is able to withstand high temperatures, offers even heat with shallow sides and will be non-stick after proper seasoning.

So far, I have used this Mauviel paella pan for three separate dishes. The first was a stir-fry: the pan ended up being a nice alternative to a wok because it handles high temperatures well. Second, I used it to roast a whole chicken and potatoes in the oven, which turned out beautifully.

But since this is a paella pan, I felt it was imperative that I make that signature Spanish dish. The Mauviel pan is perfectly suited for paella made on the stove or on the grill, but wanting to test the pan’s durability, I used my charcoal grill. Even with the high heat of the grill, the pan held up remarkably well and the food did not stick to the bottom. The rice even achieved the crunchiness on the bottom that is indicative of Spanish paella.

This is a great addition to your cookware set. It can be used for any entrée or dish – from stir-fry to paella. Plus, the more you use it, the more non-stick it becomes.

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