Simplify Meal Prep with Two Handy Tools

Simplify Meal Prep with Two Handy Tools - Food & Nutrition Magazine - Stone Soup
Photo by Huma Chaudhry

Product reviewed: Dreamfarm Clongs and Dreamfarm Smood 

I am always on the hunt for multi-use kitchen tools that can make weekly meal preparation easy, quick and mess-free. Thankfully, I have found two tools that I keep in arm’s reach on my kitchen counter. Whether I am mashing potatoes, making guacamole, stir-frying vegetables or tossing together a salad, the Dreamfarm Clongs and Smood make meal prepping efficient.

The Dreamfarm Clongs, or click-lock tongs, have a button at the bottom end to single-handedly click open and close like a retractable pen. It also has a uniquely styled bend that prevents the silicone tips from touching the kitchen counter when placed down. This allows for a clean, mess-free cooking experience. Clongs can be used to toss salads and stir-fry noodles or to flip meat on a pan or grill. They act like an extension of my hands to get any food prep or cooking done easily.Simplify Meal Prep with Two Handy Tools -

Similarly, the Dreamfarm Smood potato masher is a simple and multipurpose tool. Its structure has several key components that make it very effective. The base has a coil-like structure, which allows you to easily trap food and push down to mash. Additionally, the base has an attached heat-resistant silicone scraper that can help you clean a pot or bowl without leaving scratches. Another great feature is the multi-grip handle, which allows you to adjust your hand positions for comfortable mashing. Use the Smood for various recipes from homemade guacamole and applesauce to mashing bananas for banana bread and sweet potatoes or pumpkin for the creamiest pies. If you have clumsy hands like me, the stainless-steel material makes this tool super sturdy to avoid any slips and slides that can cause a mess.

The Dreamfarm Clongs and Smood have been daily saviors for getting dinner on the table, effectively meal prepping for the week and leaving my kitchen mess-free. I would recommend these utensils to anyone who is looking for budget-friendly multipurpose kitchen tools to make food handling and cooking easier.

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Huma Chaudhry
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