Versatile Baking Mat Makes Cooking and Cleanup a Snap

Versatile Baking Mat Makes Cooking and Cleanup a Snap - Food & Nutrition Magazine - Stone Soup
Photo by Lauren O'Connor

Product Reviewed: Grand Fusion Housewares Leakproof Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat

If you’ve ever used a silicone baking mat, you know how easy it is to clean. As an avid baker, I’ve long used these liners for cookies, scones and even some veggie sheet pan meals. I’ve got quite the collection, some standard cooking sheet sizes and some small and perfect for toaster ovens — but none as unique as the Grand Fusion Housewares Leakproof Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat.Versatile Baking Mat Makes Cooking and Cleanup a Snap -

This baking mat has a nonstick, leakproof surface, so cleanup is hassle-free. It can line standard or half-size cookie sheets, as well as form into a four-sided rectangular container ideal for making layered dishes and casseroles. When each corner of the mat is snapped, it can easily line a 9-by12-inch casserole dish to protect the sides from food residue.

The snap feature of this silicone baking mat reminded me of my travel days. I like to pack a small, sturdy, leather flat square that snaps together into a four-sided container to collect my loose change and keys. As I discovered, this silicone mat does just that — but, of course, it’s to ensure that food holds together, especially for bulkier dishes such as casseroles, egg bakes, French toast or layered chicken or fish and vegetables. And, because it covers the sides of the dish, you’ll have little to no mess.

To test the silicone baking mat, I started with cookies, because who doesn’t like a little treat. Like with standard silicone baking mats, the cookies peel right off. Then, I discovered the mat was a perfect fit to line my casserole dish, so I prepared wild salmon pinwheels with seasoned cream cheese and roasted Brussels sprouts. As suspected, the food held its shape well and cleanup was a breeze. I was curious to see how the baking mat would do with a saucy dish, so I prepared my own version of Eggs in Purgatory using a zesty carrot sauce, kale, chickpeas, Za’atar and crumbles of feta cheese. It worked out just fine and I didn’t have to clean the casserole dish because the snap feature of the mat holds in all the liquid — no spillage.

While this baking mat can be used on its own, I suggest using a sheet pan or wire rack underneath it for easier transfer to and from the oven.

Honestly, I’d say the Grand Fusion Housewares Leakproof Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat will work well for almost anything you’d like to bake, from cookies and scones to sheet-pan and casserole-style dishes. It’s a practical liner that makes healthy cooking accessible. Plus, it’s easy to clean and simple to store either lying flat for easy stacking or rolled in a tube shape — either way, it takes up very little space.

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