Versatile Food Storage Lids

Leuke Storage Lids

Product Reviewed:
Lékué suction lids

Have you ever looked at a kitchen tool for the first time and thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?” That thought kept popping into my head as I used Lékué suction lids.

These BPA-free lids eliminate the need for plastic wrap or foil during food prep or storage. And they have the added bonus of sealing, which locks in freshness. The suction lids come in a variety of sizes and do not have to be an exact fit to suction and seal, so I managed to have a size for every bowl in my kitchen.

I still use my food storage containers, but these lids are a great supplement and don’t require transferring food from one dish to another.

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Allison Schaaf
Allison Schaaf, MS, RD, LD, is the founder of the meal-planning website and the Austin, Texas-based business Prep Dish: Personal Chefs. Read her blog and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.