Nutrition Quiz 1.1.1

Platform and Price
Apple, free

RD Score
3 out of 5

Synopsis of the App
Nutrition Quiz aims to expose the truth behind health myths and facts of all kinds. In quiz mode, this app tests your health and nutrition knowledge and lets you challenge friends.


  • Well-designed, fun and easy-to-use interface with visually appealing photography.
  • Variety of questions and quiz material (600 trivia questions in the current version).
  • Earn points for correct answers and speed.
  • Gamers will enjoy climbing the leaderboard.
  • Non-gamers may enjoy browse mode which allows for learning without the game.
  • Option to turn on daily food, nutrition and exercise notifications delivered to a mobile device.
  • Free version includes 3 categories: sugar and spice, men and women and functional foods.
  • Effortlessly share trivia via twitter and Facebook from the main screen.
  • Save interesting facts and questions to your favorites list for easy recall.
  • Option to upgrade to the “Pro” version for $1.99 to experience the app without ads, gain access to 8 additional categories and compare your points with any friends using the app.


  • Requires sign up with an email address or Facebook login, gender and birthdate before entering the app.
  • Advertisements on every page and pop up ads at the end of each quiz game are a major distraction.
  • Not clear how points for correctly answered questions are determined.
  • Provides no supporting information or references for quiz answers marked as fact.
  • Can’t choose the quiz questions category in this version of the app.
  • Some quiz questions are written in absolutes but are not necessarily true.

Bottom Line
Nutrition Quiz delivers interesting and engaging trivia to pass the time while in line or provide educational entertainment at your next house party. However, without proper references to support the answers, this app shouldn’t be your first stop to get the facts on nutrition and health.

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Marisa Moore
Marisa Moore, MBA, RDN, LD, is based in Atlanta and specializes in culinary nutrition, communications and consulting. She blogs at Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.