Cinamatic (Version 1.5.2)

Synopsis of the App
Cinamatic lets you create short films using multiple short clips and creative filters. This app is from the makers of Hipstamatic, the original filter app.

RDN Score
5 out of 5

Platform and Price
Free. Apple only


  • Easy-to-use, minimalist aesthetic – if you can use the camera on your phone, you can easily create videos with Cinamatic.
  • Shoot 3 to 60 seconds of footage in a maximum 15 seconds at a time.
  • Shoot multiple clips to mash into one short film.
  • Save your clips for easy editing.
  • Autofocus feature makes capturing clear footage a breeze.
  • Employ time lapse and slow motion image controls for special effects.
  • Control shutter speed, exposure, focus, white balance and ISO from the in-app control panel.
  • Includes seven professional and creative filters that transform films from bland to artsy.
  • Easily upload videos to vine, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Premium version ($1.99) includes options to add a soundtrack, merge clips and import videos from your camera roll, as well as, additional image controls, filters and editing options.


  • Films are limited to 1 minute.
  • Apple only for now.

Bottom Line
Cinamatic is a great video creator for short, creative films that can be shared easily. With the option to add sound and more robust editing options, the premium version, Cinamatic Pro is a good bet.

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