MyFuelUp (Version 1.05)

Synopsis of the App
MyFuelUp is an automatic diet generator and tracker designed especially for fitness enthusiasts.

RDN Score
2 out of 5

Platform and Price
Free trial. Apple. Android


  • Diets are generated based on a variety of inputs including gender, age, height, weight and body type, activity level, fitness goals and food allergies or intolerances.
  • Diets can be customized to standard, paleo or cyclical ketogenic meals and include foods that fit a lower or higher (all organic) budget. 
  • Select daily fuel intensity (diet) based on rest, standard or tough workout days.
  • The app issues a warning when a selected diet does not fall within the US government’s acceptable macronutrient distribution range (AMDR).
  • Daily diet statistics includes amounts of standard nutrients and the approximate cost of meals for the day.
  • “My Progress” section tracks weight, body fat and mood compared to diet adherence and assigns a performance letter grade A-F.
  • Option to activate meal alarms and daily tracking reminders.
  • Premium features include restaurant recommendations, a daily tracker with space for photos, notes and mood and the “Fuel My Cardio” tracker to enter activity, duration and food suggestions to fuel a specific workout.
  • Two week free trial of the premium app.
  • Companion website available.


  • Meals appear as a string of ingredients versus recipes
    • Sample Lunch: 1 cup each of black eyed peas and boiled navy beans, 4 ounces of asparagus, 8 ounces of water and a DHA/EPA supplement
    • Sample Dinner: seitan, pesto, hummus and romaine lettuce
  • Grocery list is not user-friendly. Items are listed by measure (cup or tablespoon) versus how they are packaged for sale.
  • Limited service area for hiring a coach.
  • Must login with Facebook or surrender an email address to sign up.
  • App includes a few misspelled words.

Bottom Line
With plenty of data, MyFuelUp may satisfy the information junkie. Unfortunately, the actual meal plans lack cohesion and may disappoint those who want to maintain their fitness goals as well as enjoy flavorful meals. 

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Marisa Moore
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