EatBy Smart Kitchen (Version 1.0)

Synopsis of the App
The EatBy app helps you track what’s in the refrigerator and when you need to use or eat it.

Platform and Price
Free: Apple and Android

RDN Score
2 out of 5


  • Includes narrated tutorial videos and user guides to explain how to use the app and explain labeling such as “use-by” and “sell-by” dates.
  • Optional notifications can be activated to help you remember to return to the app and use food before it expires.
  • The EatBy system learns your common items to eventually allow for faster recall.
  • Add items manually or by scanning a barcode.
  • Tag foods by storage: kitchen, fridge, freezer and open.
  • Option to pull from the database of existing foods in the central (crowdsourced) list.
  • Includes general tips to save money and prevent waste in the kitchen – like keeping the refrigerator door closed to save energy.
  • Includes a shopping list.
  • Share a photo and note to let family know what might need to be eaten up directly from the app.


  • Busy design and advertisements create a cluttered user experience.
  • It could use more organization. It may be helpful to view the list by what’s open versus by date only as it’s currently organized.
  • Dates must be individually entered – leaving plenty of room for guessing, user error and abandonment after what could be a tedious process.
  • EatBy is a UK based startup so the “Understand the Labels” definitions don’t match those generally used in the United States.

Bottom Line
The EatBy app is a good idea in theory but will require significant data entry that may deter potential users from sticking with the app. 

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Marisa Moore
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