SmartBP (Version 1.3)

Synopsis of the App
SmartBP lets you record, share and track blood pressure measurements from a smartphone.

Platform and Price
Free: Apple and Android

RDN Score
3 out of 5


  • Simple design that’s easy-to-use.
  • Displays most recent numbers on the home screen for easy reference.
  • Tag entries to identify those taken pre/post meals, medication, exercise or after adopting new eating habits such as the DASH Diet.
  • Filter results and statistics by medications taken.
  • Provides simple statistics to assess trends in systolic and diastolic readings and graphs to track blood pressure, pulse and weight over time.
  • Incorporate reminders to take medication or other tasks within the app.
  • Share data via text or email or sync to Microsoft HealthVault or Apple HealthKit.
  • Import data from Dropbox or Google drive.
  • Microsoft HealthVault users can avoid manual data entry by first automatically uploading readings to HealthVault then syncing HealthVault to SmartBP.
  • Includes a reference table for hypertension limit values and extensive FAQs.


  • Design is a bit rough around the edges.
  • Does not directly connect to any blood pressure monitoring devices.
  • Provides no direction or support on how to obtain pulse or blood pressure measures.
  • Includes advertisements on every page. An ad-free version is available for $1.99.
  • App includes a privacy statement link but it did not load after multiple attempts. The statement was available on the website.

Bottom Line

Particularly useful for Microsoft HealthVault users, SmartBP is ideal for those seeking a no-frills way to record, share and track blood pressure measurements.

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Marisa Moore
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