Fitness Buddy Free

Platform and Price
Free: Apple Android

RD Score
3 out of 5

Synopsis of the App
Fitness Buddy Free is a mobile fitness journal that provides animated strength training exercise tutorials and tailored workouts.


  • 5 workouts and 300 different exercises included in this (free) version.
  • Create up to 2 custom workouts.
  • Animated exercise tutorials are alphabetized and categorized in the exercise library.
  • Select exercises by muscle using the detailed body map provided.
  • Log exercise and workout history using the calendar log function.
  • Track workout history over 7 to 90 days.
  • Share workouts with friends using the sound transfer technology SonicastTM.
  • Upgrade to the pro version to create unlimited custom workouts, access weight and other trackers and over 75 pre-built workouts covering 1700+ exercises.


  • Basic, somewhat unappealing graphic design.
  • Free version excludes access to the weight, blood pressure and other body metrics trackers.
  • Major focus on strength training. Including cardio exercises would make the app more well-rounded.
  • No reminders available.
  • Advertisements appear on the main pages of the app.

Bottom Line
Though it's a good starter, Fitness Buddy Free leaves much to be desired. True fitness buffs will benefit from the pro version. The app is worth a download for a preview of what the pro version has to offer.

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Marisa Moore
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