The Walk (1.2)

Synopsis of the App

Part activity tracker, part story, part game, The Walk app is not just a pedometer it's an interactive adventure.

Platform and Price

$2.99. Apple, Android

RD Score

4 out of 5


  • At least 13 hours of audio in 65 chapters to walk the length of the United Kingdom.
  • Walk in the real world to move in the game.
  • Every step counts during the day to uncover clues in each new chapter of the walking adventure.
  • Motivating gameplay that's rewarded with clues and unlocking rewards and achievements as you progress.
  • Audio puts you directly in the action.
  • Automatically adapts to individual fitness level.
  • Encourages walkers to take the longer, more scenic route to earn special collectibles and find hidden recordings.
  • Promotes activity with updates on the minutes required to walk to reach the next story clip.
  • Offers achievements in every episode and rewards for finishing an episode in 24 hours.
  • Delivers notifications along the route to allow you to hear scenes the next story clip along your walking route.
  • Extensive FAQs and support provided within the app.


  • Must carry the phone in your pocket or purse for continuous tracking and game play.
  • Significant battery drain due to app running in the background.
  • Must tap to play audio clips. It would make for a more engaging story if you could hear the clips automatically.
  • Walking without listening to the story creates a backlog of clips that takes some of the fun out of the game.

Bottom Line

A pedometer at heart, The Walk will appeal adventure seekers and avid readers. Using an engaging storyline to promote movement is a clever way to encourage activity. You have to walk to get the next clip. No way around it.

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