All-In Yoga (1.2)

Synopsis of the App
All-In Yoga is a mobile yoga studio that can be accessed on demand from a tablet or phone.

Platform and Price
$4.99: Apple, Android, Windows

RD Score
3 out of 5


  • Simple and clean design.
  • 45 pre-installed yoga programs that can be customized as desired.
  • 300 poses and breathing exercises with instructions.
  • 15 music track choices.
  • Programs are organized for easy selection via categories including breathing, joint warm up, strong back, flexibility, balance, beginner and relaxation among others.
  • Select programs based on duration, goals or fitness level from beginner to advanced.
  • Create your own yoga program from the 300 poses and music tracks provided.
  • Add your own poses to the database.
  • Preview poses before starting a program to assess difficulty level.
  • Timer displays time remaining in each pose.
  • Workouts, including the type and time, are automatically recorded in the calendar to seamlessly track progress.
  • Option to add post workout meditation music (from sounds of the ocean to healing meditation).
  • Available in English, Spanish, German, Italian, French and Russian.
  • Option to join the "Inspire" community to share poses, comments and encourage others.
  • Provides a good start to become familiar with poses.


  • Recorded voice sounds computerized and comes off as harsh or rushed at times.
  • Variety in audio quality, cadence and tone can take you from relaxed to anxious.
  • Videos don't show flowing sequence of poses, only isolated asanas.

Bottom Line
For a nominal fee, All-In Yoga offers a way to practice yoga or meditation wherever you are at any time. It's a good option for learning poses but more experienced yogis may long for the continuous sequence and serenity provided by in person classes and other yoga programs.

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