Food4Bones (Version 1.0.6)

Synopsis of the App
With a focus on osteoporosis-friendly recipes, Food4Bones — by the National Osteoporosis Foundation — puts recipes that support healthy bones at the user's fingertips. In addition to general osteoporosis and osteopenia educational resources, the app includes an easy way to filter recipes, restaurant dishes and grocery store foods that meet a variety of nutrition needs, from improved bone health to other health concerns.

Platform and Price
Free. Apple and Android.  

RDN Score
3 out of 5


  • Simple design that's easy to navigate.
  • Filter content based on your personal nutrition concerns and preferences (or "food cares") that include osteoporosis and other conditions such as pregnancy, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, digestive health, heart health, liver disease and vegetarianism.
  • Explore an extensive collection of healthy recipes with a variety of produce, whole grains and plant-based protein options.
  • Discover osteoporosis-friendly recipes, restaurant meals and grocery store foods that meet your "food cares."  
  • Get nutrition insights on how each recipe works with your "food cares" or health needs.
  • Request to connect with a registered dietitian for more personalized support and guidance.
  • Link out to the NOF website for resources on nutrition and osteoporosis, healthy bones, exercise for strong bones, calcium rich foods and more.


  • Requires account creation – surrendering a name and email address and entering personal details for height, weight, birthday, occupation and zip code before being able to enter and access the app.
  • Overwhelming majority of restaurant menu recommendations and grocery items in the database are fast food or packaged convenience foods.
  • News and farmers markets details are out of date.
  • Recipe sources are not disclosed.
  • Noted a few typos.

Bottom Line
Food4Bones is a good option for those seeking osteoporosis and bone health resources and recipes to support bone health on the go. 

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