Video Teleprompter Lite (Version 1.1.2)

Synopsis of the App
Read a script and record video footage from one screen using Video Teleprompter Lite. This simple app saves the video automatically and allows for easy uploading and editing, including the ability to speed up or slow down the pace using an onscreen slider tool. Though the video resolution is limited, Video Teleprompter Lite can be a helpful tool to strengthen on-camera skills. Those with a lot to say should opt for Video Teleprompter Premium for unlimited script space.

Platform and Price
Free: Apple only

RDN Score
3 out of 5


  • Super simple and easy to operate. The app opens directly to the scripted record screen.
  • Easily adjust the scroll speed and font size using the onscreen slider tool.
  • Autosave video recordings to the camera roll.
  • Import scripts using any of four different file formats.
  • Use the countdown timer in the iPad version to hit your timing targets.
  • Quickly edit the script with one click from the recording screen.
  • Script word count limited to 850 characters in the lite (free) version.


  • Available via Apple platform only.
  • Requires registration and a key code to access the app.
  • Records video only to 720p HD.
  • The video screen cannot be repositioned or centered and text is off to the side. Take care to maintain good eye contact with the camera, so it doesn't appear as if you are reading.
  • Free version includes an app branded watermark that cannot be removed. (Upgrade to premium for $7.99 to get unlimited script uploading size and to remove the watermark.)

Bottom Line
Video Teleprompter is ideal for the person who wants to record a short script where video resolution is not the highest priority. This simple and easy app does the job.

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